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Longmont Power & Communications is YOUR utility: owned by the City and citizens of Longmont. Daily, we work to improve the community by providing not only reliable electric and Broadband service, but by giving back in other ways:

  • Art in Public Places: LPC provides funding to support Art in Public Places initiatives.
  • Festivals and Events: LPC provides funding and services equivalent to $11,000 each year.
  • Planting of Trees: LPC provides $23,000 in funding each year to plant trees around our community.
  • LAEC and Chamber of Commerce: LPC provides $74,000 in funding to LAEC and $2,100 in dues to the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Traffic Lights: LPC provides the power needed to light the traffic lights free of charge to the community.
  • Street Lights: LPC provides the power and maintenance to all street lighting in Longmont free of charge to customers or citizens. We do this to enhance the safety and visibility of Longmont public streets.
  • Pedestal Lights and Porch Lights: LPC provides residential lighting in the form of either pedestal lights (lights near the street) free of charge, or porch lighting for those neighborhoods without street lights or pedestal lights. We do this to enhance the safety and visibility of our neighborhoods and residential streets.
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