Did you know that you can rent a dumpster from the City of Longmont?

  • ­Four-cubic yard Dumpsters
  • ­Cost: $140.00
  • ­Delivered to your curbside
  • ­Limited availability and material restrictions apply
  • ­Maximum two dumpsters per year
  • ­Call 303-651-8416 today to reserve a dumpster!

Dumpsters are not to be used for disposal of the following materials:

  • Landscaping materials, including dirt, rock, sod, and railroad ties;
  • Construction materials, including concrete, bricks, shingles, drywall, plaster, tile, lumber over 3’ in length, and paint;
  • Cars or car parts, including tires;
  • Hazardous materials;
  • Electronics, such as televisions, computers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other large appliances; or
  • Ashes, liquids, and oils.

Please do not overfill the dumpster; lids must be closed at collection.

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