Important Update:

There will be a scheduled system maintenance for our City's website Sunday, April 19 from 7p to 8p when 

all of the City's online payment systems and many online services that we host will be unavailable during this time frame. The City's website itself will be available during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Providing research and special studies for long range planning, operational planning as well as, development review during the development application process.


  *Our New Software Has Launched*

The City of Longmont Planning and Development Services Department launched a software upgrade the week of September 30th. Please have patience as we learn the new system and work out any issues as we move forward. We appreciate your understanding and know that the new system will provide you will real time access to permits and applications.

The launch of the Citizen Access portal will follow early in 2015. This portal will allow you to create an account, log in, see your application progress, pay fees, schedule inspections and eventually provide electronic plan submittal and review options. Staff will provide dates and times to assist you in getting set up an account once it is ready to go live.

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